Prem Puran | Short Film | Chorki

poster of short film Prem Puran / Myth of Love - Produce by Arif Sonnet

Prem Puran | Short Film | Chorki: A Tale of Love and Idealism In the realm of Bangladeshi cinema, “Prem Puran” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling. Directed by Zahid Gogon and produced by the talented Arif Sonnet under Filmmistri Production, this short film has left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. […]

The Labyrinth | Short film | UNDP – DU

Thumbnail image from 'Gologk Dhadha - The Labyrinth,' a short film by ARIF SONNET for DU UNDP, capturing a moment of profound self-discovery.

Golok Dhadha | Short-Film – Unveiling a Narrative Masterpiece In the world of cinema, certain works stand out not just for their storytelling but also for the impact they leave on society. “Golok Dhadha,” a short film directed by Ananta Yusuf and edited by Arif Sonnet, is one such masterpiece. Featuring the talented Joyeeta Mahalanobis […]