Arif Sonnet

a Visual Storyteller,
director and producer from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“For me, it’s all about capturing moment and sharing beautiful cinematic experiences that resonate life”


is a Bangladeshi Visual Storyteller who has been creating captivating stories for over a decade. He is a director, producer, and entrepreneur who has worked with prestigious organizations like the BBC, ekattor tv, and major media outlets in Bangladesh. His work spans across various genres and formats, from documentaries to commercials, from short films to television shows.

In 2019, Arif Sonnet produced the short film “Prem Puran AKA Myth of Love.” which gained recognition and accolades at prestigious international film festivals, further solidifying their position as talented and innovative filmmakers.

Arif Sonnet’s expertise extends to documentary filmmaking, showcased through collaborations with renowned organizations like the BBC. Notable works include the documentaries “Indian Frontier Railway: Maitree Express” in 2015 and “Janmashtami AKA Born Together” in 2016, the latter earning the esteemed National Award for its portrayal of a liberation war story.

Throughout their career, Arif Sonnet has collaborated with prominent media outlets such as Ekattor TV, The Daily Star, The Daily Jugantor, Filmshop, and Geonics, showcasing their talents and contributing to the growth of the Bangladeshi entertainment industry.

Arif Sonnet possesses extensive experience in various aspects of filmmaking, including directing, cinematography, and editing. They have worked across different genres, from narrative fiction to documentaries, commercials, and corporate films. Notably, Arif Sonnet has successfully collaborated with both local brands and esteemed corporate clients, including UNDP, UNHCR, HSBC, Robi Axiata, Grameenphone, The City Bank, FBCCI, Brac, Urmi Group, and DBL Group.

With a dedication to storytelling excellence, Arif Sonnet continues to make his mark on the Bangladeshi entertainment industry, leaving an indelible impact through his passion and commitment to the art of visual storytelling.

Work Experience
  • JUN 2016 - JULY 2023
    MVRK Studios
    Director Of Audio Visual
    I’m working with MVRK Studios as a Director. And some projects I do Cinematography and Film Editing. Here I have different kind of film-making experiences.
  • JUN 2018 - AUG 2020
    Film Mistri Limited
    Film Producer
    Prem Puran AKA Myth of Love is the story of survival of the relationship that endures through all the eco-social-political tug-of-war beyond the quotidian affairs between man and woman.
  • AUG 2020 - FEB 2021
    The Daily Star & China Daily Original
    Documentary Filmmaker
    I’m working with The Daily Star / Asia Featured – China Daily Originals as a contractual documentary creator. I just love to create visual with them.
  • NOV 2020 - MAY 2021
    Magnifier Creatives
    Documentary Filmmaker
    “Voices of Masculinity in Bangladesh,” has been recently completed project “Male Youth and their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Bangladesh.
  • JAN 2015 - JUN 2016
    Ekattor Television
    Assistant Producer
    In Ekattor Media Limited (71 TV) I was the assistant producer. My main responsibility was to assist Senior Producer for their documentary and live programmed. I was able to produced some documentary and tv show.
  • APR 2014 - JAN 2015
    India’s Frontier Railways Episode 01 The Maitree Express BBC The first episode observes the Maitree Express, the first passenger train to run between India and Bangladesh.

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